Dr. Anthony Churak

Dr. Anthony Churak graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1984. Prior to studying at Penn, he attended the University of Pittsburgh where he obtained a bachelor of science in chemistry. Dr. Churak has been practicing general dentistry for over 25 years. He has been an associate dentist with Drs. Belasco, Ober and associates for more than 21 years. 

Since he began practicing dentistry, Dr. Churak has kept up to date on many continuing education classes, focusing on root canal therapy (endodontics) and oral surgery. In addition to tooth extractions and minor surgeries, Dr. Churak also places implants that offer denture patients the comfort, security and staying power of their own teeth. The implant is part of the "snap on denture" system. Dr. Churak strives to ensure that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care.